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  • They may have an ‘on-off’ relationship but Selena Gomez is very much still on Justin Bieber’s mind.

    The “Beauty And A Beat” singer was seen with the image of Gomez saved on his phone in Amsterdam last week.

  • Stevie Nicks obviously likes younger women — when it comes to playing her that is.

    Surprisingly, the famous singer doesn’t think that Reese Witherspoon, 37, is up to the job.

    “I’ve already told [Reese] she’s almost too old,” the 64-year-old former Fleetwood Mac frontwoman told ET Canada  at the Toronto premiere of her new documentary, In Your Dreams.

  • Johnny Depp and Arnie Hammer are about to get into some EXPLOSIVE new situations.

    In the latest clip we see the masked vigilante (Hammer) taking his famous white stallion for a very high train ride through a narrow tunnel.

    And CB! has the newest clip that showcases the nail-biting sequence for the new blockbuster.

  • Ryan Gosling has a face most men would die for and women dream about.

    But in his new movie, Only God Forgives those perfect features have been smashed beyond recognition.

    Skilled make-up artists have made the 32-year-old star unrecognizable by covering his face with swollen bruises and cuts while grafting-on what looks like a prosthetic nose.

    In Only God Forgives, the star portrays ex-boxer-turned-gangster Julian, who fights a Bangkok police lieutenant to avenge the death of his brother.

    Kristin Scott Thomas plays the mobster’s mother Jenna, who forces him to find and kill the person responsible for his sibling’s death.

    The crime thriller, which was shot on location in Thailand, was written and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

    The talented director previously worked with Gosling on DriveOnly God Forgives is scheduled for release in March 2013.

    Gosling can currently be seen in The Place Beyond The Pines with his real life girlfrend Eva Mendes.

    Did you recognize Ryan Gosling battered and bruised? Leave your comments.

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  • Maybe Finch should stick to older women like Stifler’s mom.

    Actor Eddie Kaye Thomas picked-up a mystery blonde from Mel’s Diner and took her back to his Hollywood Hills home.

    “It was hilarious, the poor guy was begging through a police bullhorn for the woman to leave.  He kept pleading ‘we are so concerned about you’,” a neighbor told Celebuzz.

    The drama unfolded after a Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team raced to the house on Wednesday afternoon after the actor called 911 claiming the woman had wielded a knife and barricaded herself inside his house.

    The SWAT team and the star then got embroiled in a six hour stand-off with the woman as she refused to leave Thomas’ home.

    “It was like a scene from a comedy movie,” added the neighbor. “She was totally crazy. She kept claiming that she was a musician and that she had a concert to get too later that night.”

    “The woman claimed she knew Alice Cooper, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, and she kept passing notes out to the police through a broken window.

    “She appeared to have cut her hand. At one point she seemed ready to come out but she suddenly then demanded some pizza!

    The SWAT team considered throwing gas canisters inside the $2 million property where Thomas has lived for the past three years, but they were worried that the property could catch fire.

    Around 7pm they decided to smash in through the front and back doors.  The woman was then taken away in an ambulance.

    “It was a real nightmare for a lot of people living here because the whole road was blocked off,” added the neighbor.

    “I’ve met Eddie a few times and he is a really quiet guy, he looked totally embarrassed about what happened, he definitely made a huge mistake taking that woman home, I don’t know what he was thinking about.”

    A spokesperson from Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the woman was taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries before being booked on unspecified charges. Her name has not been been released

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  • Maybe Justin Bieber was right about Anne Frank after all.

    The iconic diarist’s stepsister Eva Schloss believes the Canadian pop star’s recent controversial remark could have been correct.

  • Paris Jackson raised more than a few eyebrows in Hollywood recently when she branded Justin Bieber as “irresponsible.”

    The famous 15-year-old — who actually lives near the teen sensation in Calabasas, Calif. — may not be rushing to borrow a cup of milk anytime soon.

    She openly criticized the “Beauty and the Beat” singer, claiming he had smoked marijuana and not being responsible enough when it comes to his fans — nearly 38 million of whom are on Twitter alone.

    ”Young girls on Twitter were cutting themselves, self-harming to get his attention to get him to stop,” she told the Mail On Sunday’s Event Magazine.

    ”But I don’t think Justin should do something where he would get caught, so that his young fans aren’t influenced.

    ”Imagine when those little girls are adults and they have kids and they ask, ‘Oh mom, where did you get those scars?’ How do they respond? When I was 12 my favorite singer smoked marijuana. I think it’s very irresponsible of him to do that!”

    Bieber, 19, has had a rough few months, culminating in him allegedly spitting on his neighbor on March 26 after he raced his Ferrari around their gated community.

    But Paris’ late father, Michael Jackson, also had a rollercoaster career with as much scandal as success before his untimely death on June 25, 2009 at 50-years-old.

    And if you actually compare the two stars over the years, they have a lot in common: Both made headlines for their sporadic bizarre behavior, dated female celebs, experienced hysterical fan adulation… and even shared a liking for pet monkeys!

    So, although Paris may not like to admit it, her iconic father and the 19-year-old pop star are more alike than she thinks.

    Click through our gallery to see how Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber are similar.

    Do you think Paris is too critical of Bieber? Tell us your comments.

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  • Ronnie Ortiz-Magro wants to swap the small screen for the silver one.

    And he’s got his sights set on more Magic Mike and less Jersey Shore.

    Because the popular reality star has been bitten hard by the acting bug and he’s out to steal Channing Tatum‘s acting thunder.

    “I take acting classes — I go to the same school as Channing Tatum used to go to,” Magro told Celebuzz“And I was hanging out with Jamie Foxx recently for a movie promo.”


  • Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Erin HeathertonLeonardo DiCaprio has had his fair share of beautiful women over the years.

    But at 38-years-old he’s still very much single and now he’s confessed to Esquire magazine that work might just be the reason.

    “Six months of being on location or being off in Morocco or some place like that is not the best thing for a relationship,” he told the May issue.

  • They might be two of the most famous actors on the planet but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart really do LOVE their fans.

    The Twilight couple – who are most definitely back on – had a blast at Coachella over the weekend and Celebuzz has the photographs to prove it.

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