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  • [quote=Jimmy Jim]Franco can show emotion, and just looks like buckley, i don't think there is a competition. Robert Pattinsons days in hollywood will expire once the twilight fans go through puberty.[/quote] I am a Twilight fan but I totally freaking agree with this. Rpattz cant really act, to be quite honest, and those who say he was great in Twilight are delusional. He is a horrid actor and the fact that he is attractive is the only reason people want him in movie roles. Franco better win this.
  • This is absolutely horrible. It just goes to show that despite not knowing someone, a death of someone is always a loss for everyone. I wish her family luck and strength.
  • I think I am the one of the biggest Twilight fans because I read the books, fell in love with the creativity and modern day Romeo and Juliet feel, which all resulted in my need to watch the movie. I valued the morals and romance depicted in the story and did not just watch the movie because of the silly appeal of "Edward" that some of these Rob-crazed fans see. I'm not going to say that Twilight is my life and I dream about everyday-because I don't. I do, however, admire such an intense, innocent love story, filled with anguish and passion and loved how it was portrayed and laid out on film. The way the characters evoked the personalities from the book has definitely allowed us fans of the saga to see the books come to life in front of us. It's truly a must-own.:)