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  • i dont get why you guys are dissing her. she is a telented girl. and xanadu, so what? maybe she does wanna be like lady gaga! its her buissnes if she wants to be, not your. i think you are just jelous of ke$ha, and YOU wanna be like HER. will everyone just stop dissing her? you may not like her, but others do. will you just keep it to yourselfves?
  • [quote=Etienne x]Why does everyone expect all celebs to be thin and skinny?? sure, Kesha aint got the best of figures, but really, do any of us? x I'm not gonna go aroung dissing her because personally, I think Kesha's got talent. I don't care about the different figures or looks of people... Its the inside that counts xx :)[/quote] agreed
  • i see no difference. Did they forget to photo-shop this one?? she looks EXACTLY the same!! ;)
  • Nicole Kidman, i THINK
  • Katie perry. DEFFINETLY
  • Katie perry. DEFFINETLY
  • katie perry. deffinetly
  • katie perry. deffinetly
  • [quote=noah]He better be careful not to lose his wedding ring up there.[/quote] hahaha!! :D :D
  • i am glad the didnt take the picture from the front! this would have been total porn...