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  • I've never understood very long engagements or having children and not be married. If a couple really love and respect one another what's the long wait?? And why have the responsibility of having children but still not married? Why the delay? Why get engaged? There's no reason to get engaged. There's something wrong when two people have all these children but still don't think it's important to marry. Think like a child.....
  • I don't care who you are, but maybe after having 6 kids it just might be time to give them the security of getting married?? That's what children need. How much more time do you all need to prove it's time?? How stupid. Kids think one of you can walk at any time. Maybe they need to adopt another child.....Yes, I also love the couple and they are beautiful, talented, etc. But please think about when you were very young and knew your parents were married forever....yes, "forever"...the children thrive in a home where there's love and security.
  • They do not have short legs....but Kourney's body is nothing but average.....Kim looks better in a bikini.....but who the heck cares anyway? And in a few years they will both not be wearing bikinis anymore unless they're into surgery.
  • Sorry, but please try so others can actually understand what you're saying....?
  • Bethany, Jill, and many more just can't seem to speak English or spell a simple word right. omg....did everyone drop out of kindergarten??