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  • Butt is sagging, legs look like they belong to a football player, top doesn't fit and a tremendous amount of photo shopping. Nadya Suleman showed the world what her stomach looked like at one of her boxing matches. "I will be present for my children,money is just paper". just 2 quotes from Octomom''s first interview with Ann Curry. hard to do when you are off playing with yourself while being filming, prancing around Florida while the kids have no beds to sleep in, no table to eat off of, they eat ogg a urine soaked bedroom floor. Kids were so hungry one night the raided the kitchen, unnoticed I might add. Just goggle OCTOMOM and read what she really has been up tp for the past 3 years, or before.
  • This woman is changing her story with every interview she does. The pictures are a joke and a lie. Self supporting my ass, she has never been self supporting and never intends to be..what's next, I hope nothing and she goes away