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  • Third ! :)
  • [quote=(: blanca]obviously shes getting a new weave put in , thats what they do to ur hair first.[/quote] Kim dosent wear a weave dumbass
  • [quote=Darcy Fowler]i understand Kourtney Kardashian being considered a hot momma of 2010 but how can u justify kim and khloe as being moms[/quote] dumb ass read carefully next time
  • [quote=Kc]kourtney is NOT Hot...Who said that? She is just NOT pretty ![/quote] kourtney is pretty dont be jealous that your not !
  • [quote=Chung]Yuck! Are you kidding? She's a beast even when she's fully clothed...this is just worse. The list-makers here are smoking crack![/quote] - cough cough jealous much - Sheesh let her be
  • [quote=Zenny]Looks more like a hot single Mom and her son spending a day at the beach ^_^[/quote] lmao im laughing cuz your so jealous let her be . . . Sheesh
  • i like this look better
  • [quote=tatts09]"why god?????????why???????why did i have to screw up "the last song"????????why???why do i have a lisp?what the hell did i do to my teeth?why do i have such a hot bf?i don't deserve him!!!"[/quote] STFU You Sound Stupid