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  • What are you talking about? Scott has begged Kourtney to marry him!!! He even bought her a huge engagement ring. She doesn't want to get married...she said they are happy and a family as they are and don't need a piece of paper to prove that. They have been together for almost 7 the HELL is she a Hoe? Seriously check the facts before making ignorant comments.
  • Scott does not play Kourtney!! Scott had his issues in the beginning but he is totally whipped in a good way, because in his own words "he is glad because he doesn't know where he would be with the partying if it wasn't for Kourtney." She isn't a stupid person, so obviously he isn't as bad as everyone thinks. Scott seems to have his own thing going on and his own money. He has to deal with a LOT with the family and Kourtney sleeping in a separate room then him. It isn't all one sided. Scott is hilarious!!