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  • Kim Kardashian is liar! She had just as much work done as Heidi Montag who I admire for at least admitting it.
  • You do look like Kim, only prettier and more natural.
  • [quote=socaltina]wow i dont see what you guys see, she looks nothing like kim??[/quote] No, she doesn't look like Kim, she looks better than Kim. If you Google "khloe kardashian disney flashback", you will find a pic of Kim at 19 years of age and before plastic surgery procedures(click on it once to enlarge it). You are more beautiful! Kim changed her face to look like you!
  • then again, you might be modelling already judging by the quality of this pic.
  • I'm very serious about what I said, you have a very special look. Send this pic and a full body one complete with your height, weight, eye/hair colour, age to all the big modelling agnecies. It's all they need, not a portfolio as most people believe. You'll make a fortune, guaranteed!
  • You are prettier than Kim.
  • You do look like Kim, but not Kim today, like Kim in 2006.
  • You are prettier than Kim Kardashian! Don't know how tall you are but if 5'6" or taller, you should pursue modelling.
  • I second that.