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  • who gives a rats behind age isn't anything but a number and she's not some big time movie star like Joanne Woodward was back in the day. Sofia is just eye candy no acting depth what so ever while Woodward though a beautiful woman was no shrinking violet she had brains to go with her looks and is also a director/producer. Sofia is Ker Royal to Joanne's 1959 Bordeaux which her late husband picked that specific vintage because it ages well in the bottle and because the year was significant for them their first wedding anniversary the birth of their oldest daughter Eleanor "Nell" Theresa and his first Oscar nomination
  • firstly most first born singleton babies arrive late. secondly the Palace can page Prince William if Kate were to go into labor and he'd not participate in the polo match. quit making this mole hill into a mountain
  • technically this doesn't upstage Kate at all she's due any day now literally and Zara is only 3-4 months pregnant which puts her due date between mid December and early January
  • some of those are pretty obvious though I never Knew Molly Shannon was born in the same place as Paul Newman. as for Smyrna it's small town in Cobb County Georgia near Atlanta. why couldn't you have included Newman's widow Joanne Woodward in this she was born in Thomasville Georgia the seat of Thomas County at 4:00 AM on February 27th 1930
  • this article is pointless when people have money some like to live very lavishly while others don't when a certain iconic couple paid 96,000 dollars for their estate in Westport Connecticut nearly 60 years ago it was big money now for a celeb home it would be considered a drop in the bucket. granted if the surviving party of that couple were forced to sell the place it would be worth 5+ times what JLO paid for her place in the Hamptons the property dates back nearly 400 years
  • yeah so Paul Newman got kicked of his college football team for similar antics in 1946 and incase you forget one of Cruise's more memorable roles was opposite Newman in The Color of Money in 1986 for which Newman finally won the best actor Oscar after losing 6 previous times it was from Newman that Cruise earned two of his nicknames Cruiser & the Kid which there are very few people that could get away with calling him now though Newman's widow Joanne Woodward would be one of them
  • Kim has no sense of humor that's the type of prank kids pull on each other at sleep away camp it's harmless
  • Ace isn't unique other celebs have used it in recent years and in this case it honors Jessica's maternal grandfather Acey Edward Drew. are you insinuating that Jess is lazy for having a repeat caesarean no she's not she's prone to large babies and with a vaginal birth after C-section she would've had a higher risk of the previous scar rupturing or worse a uterine rupture. what celebs name their kids is none of the public's business by the way Kim KARDASHIAN is not a celebrity she is a low life scumbag socialite completely different that's like if Melissa Newman had, had a third baby in April 2000 and it was a girl named Joanne after her mother people like you would've bitched about it saying yuck that's an old-fashioned name not realizing how close she is to her mom
  • that's not a new photo it was originally posted when Kim was 5 months pregnant stop paying attention to these people
  • an Album delay won't affect her she's been around long enough it's not like it's a new artist who's shelf life is short. It may annoy the fans but they've learned to deal with album delays before the Emancipation Of Mimi was initially supposed to be released in November 2004 but was pushed back 4 months to April 2005 still becoming her best selling album in the US since Daydream and 3rd over all now having sold 5.993.000 copies while Daydream is at 7.67 million and Music Box is at 7.3 million through sound-scan it's probably only a couple of weeks later my guess is August 13th as long as the 2nd single comes shortly the few extra weeks of waiting won't hurt