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  • The one and only person i pick that i love is snooki.i loved her since i saw her on jersey shore. loved her craziness and her attitude. But as people made jokes about her, comments or just anything negative she was still on top of her game. I remember when she came to chicago for her tanning products. I was sick at the time, i currently was using my oxygen at the time. And when i saw her up and close omg i felt amazing. i felt like she really was the most powering and great person. I just felt like she was happy her fans were their to see her and well i felt amazed that she didn't judge me because i had oxygen on. She treated me like everyone else. And the best part was that i tweeted her after that event and she remembered me. She thanked me for waiting and thanks to her one of my missions was complete. I didnt care that i was sick with my oxygen but i waited for my girl snooki. I just love her how she thanks her fans everyday.. And thanks to her am able to express my fashion style, dont care what people think or people say about me.. If snooki can do it so can i.. So their is no reason to hate on her. I also love how she turned herself around and she is a powerful and incredible mommy to Lorenzo.. That shows how much of a great woman she is. And still having time for her fans. whats more to love.. And now that i have had my double lung transplant thanks to her i kept my head up while sick and still keeping my head up. I dont care what people think, they might think i am making this up. But snooki kept me going with her tweets, for noticing me and one day remember me..