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  • This chick is insane. Who brings an animal to a premiere? When you see one of these Hollyweird chicks toting a dog like this head for the hills!
  • Damn, many of these so-called Actors and Actresses are really little people with long arms who can't act or dress. And who can't on the spot think of something to say without publicist direction and a teleprompter. They're walking robotic morons and think about it, some of your children want to be just like them. How nice and if Hollyweird hasn't dumbed us down enough.....
  • This guy has a lot of work. In every movie is gets to do the same thing he did in his last movie. With him,it's a lot of the same old shenanigans. I'll wait for the DVD or when it comes to cable.
  • Looks like an Addams Family outfit.
  • Horrible and what happened to the other girl? She had more class.
  • An improvement and I truly like the music of Paramore.
  • What! Are all of you blind? Come on guys, her legs are a mess and she's dreaming of eating something. In this picture she's dying to be thin in Hollyweird. This is called the "lollipop" look that everyone in Hollyweird is trying to achieve. Since there's no more originality in Hollyweird when one so-called "star" does something (stupid and dangerous) everyone copies it then tries to get the same media attention. Just like when someone who's almost famous dies of natural causes everyone who dies after them. their death is ruled natural causes. So to all of you reading this, please use your brains and not follow anything these Hollyweirds tell you to do because they would be lying to you.
  • YUsted solía ser la Jessica ish. Ahora te ves como un golpe para arriba, pollo borracho con un cuerpo piruleta. Vergüenza! Usted era chica más sexy del planeta. ¿Qué tiene un peso (niño) y el matrimonio se hagan a ti. You used to be the ish Jessica. Now you look like a beat up, drunk chick with a lollipop body. Shame! You used to be hottest girl on the planet. What having a weight (kid) and marriage will do to you.
  • Hell of a smile but the Wilma Flintstone dress is wack.
  • She hasn't reached her expiration date (or has she??) because those dirty pillows are already sagging and heading South and she's too young for that to be happening.