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  • oh my....1000 bucks says this used to be a dude.
  • [quote=kir]That is Very harsh ![/quote] theres worse out there. shes gets to lift her skirt, get drunk and swear like a sailor and get paid out the ying yang. what happen to good ole talent? when tv was good? when people we heard sing could actually sing, actors could act. shell never have to work a day in her life now, and because of what? really she, nor do any of them deserve to be where they are. they are people i see everyday downtown singing their hearts out, but no one will ever notice them, and thats sad. people that work their ass off every day creating new, better things for this world go un noticed? fair? nope, not at all. she truely has, as well as the rest of them, have given their culture a VERY bad image. hey i can get drunk and act like a f*ckin idiot too? but do i get paid for it? no, because their is no reason to be paid for it. talentless, fake breasted, extension wearing attention grabbers, are already out there and we have a word for that, hookers. im just saying she gets paid to do what? while there are people working their ass off day to day just barely being able to keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomach. not harsh my friend. just a good ole slap of reality. im sure there are people how would agree.
  • thug life? hahaha omg please go where that hat around "thugs" see how far it gets you.
  • hahahaha classic
  • megan fox
  • ive done my research, i know a thing or 2 and last time i checked italian cultured people are well raised and taught. i feel sorry for everything these parents taught these kids for them to turn around and be the non talented disrespectful womanizing whores that most of them are. " i need to get it in" really snooki your a fat midget. please stop doing that thing with your lips, i just want to unleash serious harm onto you when isee it. " im not white, im tan" your not tan, youve been painted repeatedly in your stupid salon. you are white you f*ckin dumbass. next time you do your 5 year old whine/boo hoo me thing. i will be on a plane to whereever you are and removing your voice box. GET THE f*ck OFF OUR TV! thaaaanks hahaha:D
  • HAHAHAHA oh my..avril? im so embarrassed shes from my country.
  • she probably thought doing that would make her look hot. my god, please end your life already. you whine like a 5 year old, your as big as one, you look like one. your not hot, please get that thru your f*ckin head