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  • i have some more stuff i want to say about twilight i just love it and i have the sound track and my new fav song is decode by paramore and bellas lullaby and they are both on my ipod but i know that begging the biggest fan is not all the stuff you but how you fill about it and i love it i fill like i am in the book when i read the book i love it i just feel happy when i read the books the are awesome and like i said before i love love love love LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these books and the movie . i am 15 and my name is marissa
  • i am marissa johnson i did put my name in butt i am doing it again just because i am bored and this is not g oing to as long as my other one i just wanted to say some thing i left out in my last one or maybe i just think i did but i always go on eBay and look and see if i can find stuff they used in twilight like Edwards car but then i saw on youtube they gave it to someone who got hurt at a book singing .i look for a jacket just like Bella's nothing they where all sold out
  • i know there are lots of people who entered this contest butt here we go - i have read each book 10 times or more - i watched the movie seven times and 5 times on internet-all my walls in my bed room are filled with twilight posters and pics-i have gotten my friend in to twilight and they really enjoy it-i always have a twilight screen saver for my phone and computer-i have lots of twilight t-shirts and bags- i have so many twilight websites bookmark on my computer-i have other twilight books that tell about the makings of the movie and diff stuff -i read each book in a day-i dream about twilight sometimes- and i always have to talk about something twilight-if there one thing about twilight in a magazine i have to get no matter what-on my wall i put i don't care what you say i m obsessed with twilight in BIG letters-i have been counting down the day until new moon comes out and i have been marking on my calendar til twilight comes out on DVD-sometimes people call me names because i like it so much but i don't listen to them i really don't care what they say -i have papers filled with quotes from twilight-i wanted to go to Chicago for the convention but we did not have the money for it :( -when a movie commercial for twilight comes on on say be quiet and watch it and when its over id sigh because its over -my profile pic for msn and facebook ore twilight pics-on facebook i have joined every single group about twilight or somebody in twilight-i have talk to random people about twilight or Edward or Jacob-when someone ask to borrow my book i only let my fiends borrow them and when they do i say if you lose my book you are buying me a new one-i have mad my plans for a sleep over for the DVD release i planed it in February-i come from a family with not a lot of money so i get want i can i have to work around the house and do lots of baby siting jobs to get what i have now-every day look at the latest twilight news-i am obsessed with the saga and everything-i feel like Bella sometimes i think every girl can she is just like any other person minus the Edward-i will smile when i am reading i don't know why i just fell the stuff that the people in the book are feeling-i have stayed up all night reading midnight sun and it was so good and i like seeing how Edward thinks-twilight is a part of me now is my life and i love twilight so much.and i will most likely not win and i am 15