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  • Pattinson's getting awesome roles ie Comanche warrior in Unbound capitves, Georges Duroy in Bel Ami. Amazing roles. He's very versatile. Add his amazing musical ability and astunding voical skills and we have our man. He looks enough like Buckley to do just fine. Rob singing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5xfj2Pb6F8
  • Best of luck Rob you truly deserve a wonderful career.You have an amazing acting talent.
  • I've just joined to say I saw Little Ashes in London at Raindance and it was a huge pleasure and thrill to do so. Its a beautiful film. Stunningly photographed with amazing music. I couldnt fault it. I wanted to go straight back in and see it again The all important script was beautifully crafted and the costumes were outstanding and considering the budget a huge achievement. The 5 main leads were simply brilliant, and while Javier Betran has the larger role as Lorca and is wonderful I only had eyes for Rob. Its such a difficult and complex role but he handles it brilliantly. Rob has a warmth to him that makes you relate to even the most unsympathetic of characters. I know this is a gossip site not a film site so I wont do a proper review but I just need to shout out that this guy is going to be a great actor. He's building up his CV and taking on a variety of roles and it will pay off. He's a brave and versatile actor and only 22. I've admired him ever since I saw him in the Haunted Airman and its enjoyable following his career. Yes he's a beautiful man but he's an actor with tremendous screen presence and as long as he knuckles down will have an outstanding career.