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  • read her twitter! i was rofl lmfao i hope u c it.a girl or guy saying,your the worse mom based on so much things but the most recent,your white swimsuit shot,rather than pix with your child CLOTHING ON AND THE CORNY VIDEO FOR BOUNCE 2. i m sure your daughter in four to 5 yrs.will watch IF you show her,or when she older,be so proud of her"good mom" and kim k right? had call her ignorant i guess the truth must've hurt her to post about all this.so pathetic you are kim k
  • i m ROFL here. nice blog.and i am reading over at huff post kim"now is slamming people who are criticize her um Parenting Skills"and slamming the media blogs! for saying she is a bad parent,neglectful of north.well i mean it is true,we c THIS is her brand of parentinng! your in your thirties a-shole,heck my younger sis,way younger than you is married,happily and own 2 homes and are always discussing donation(s)or adopting one day before even 30 after kids are now 8 and 9,she can't have anymore premise on early cancer,but in remission for 8 years since 20 years young. YOUR PATHETIC KIM K,your