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  • o mg bowwow you are so right she is going to wanna party all night and that is not right for 5-15 year olds that adore her !
  • like what Katie Cullen said she is 15 man she needs to stop all this she is soon gonna be a Brittney spears omg she is lucky she has her dad because he watches over her so you no i hope she dosent she will disappoint all her fans loss money and live a terrible life so she needs to stop right now !! xoxo lauren
  • wooooooo that gurl looks awsome but its a little to showy she noes if one of her fans get that pic she gets spread around the whole freaking world i mean comon
  • ok well what i gatt asay is she got all that money and she cant get a brown bag in stead of a brown paper bag sayin gits brown i mean comon but i still ove her