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  • [quote=does it matter]WOW, racist is a very strong accusation. I think that you should probably have some proof behind those words before you start accusing someone of being a racist. I also think that if you hated Twilight and Rob so much that you would just not be bothered w/it at all and that you would be the bigger person. Instead, i believe that you hating on people who argue on the fact that they do and did enjoy the Twilight series that your life is so lonely that you have nothing better to do than to sit on your "racist" ass and try to put down anyone and everyone who has anything to say about Twilight and their cast. Maybe you should just go join the a cult of Twilight haters and sit around a dark room and chant about how much you hate Twilight and the people who love it. Then, maybe you will FINALLY have something to do in your spare....well....your entire time instead of spending it on here just waiting for some more Twilight news to bash. Get a life Noah, you G*D Damn Loser![/quote] kuddos to you thank you i personally luv twilight and if u dont then ignore it i luv rob but u have to admit taylor is very cute
  • oh and to show it wasnt the fight wtih laurent with laurent gray sweater with jake brown sweater.
  • that wasnt kristen that was her stunt double and it wasnt the fight with laurent it was the fight with paul taylor said that those are just parts os the movie remeber that the fight with laurent is the whole pack not just jacob!
  • [quote=momo16]TAYLOR LAUTNERS HOTTER[/quote] shut up! no he isnt rob all the way! y do we have to wait so long for the video! i want to wathc it so bad
  • [quote=martina]why does edward have those things on his face..[/quote] its what makes him sparkle when put on to the comp they are CGI dots...dont worry he still luks hot
  • its killing me to wait for the movie! i need it now
  • ok billy we all believe you.NOT! those two were meant for each other you cant deny such chemistry!