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  • Well, firts of all Robert Pattinson's abs is actually make up! lol. Second, that's not Taylor's abs its a montage, that's acuatlly a photo of a brazilian male model. Chek that you guys! lol they only put Taylor's face on it.But i prefer Taylor's abs until the end.
  • [quote=noah]Kristen Stewart is really in this picture too but she's below car window level... if you know what I mean. BA-ZING![/quote] That's ridiculous and disrespectiful. You are disgusting.
  • lol... you guys are amazing! how can i be sure that he was getting back from Kristen's house? Is there a photo of her or the house? and they are going to appear at the teen choice awards right? couldn't they just be talking about it? Just one more thing, they are friends i think, friends don't have the right to visit each other? i'm just confused. You know, they should be together, because if it didn't work between them, the rest of the movies would just suck, because there would't be any chemistry between them anymore. Cool!
  • why would that be interesting?
  • why would that be interesting?
  • [quote=angelicious]i can't believe people are voting for K-Stoner... She smokes joints & pipes, i don't think she is half as strong as Anna (in anyway possible) Acting wise, Physically, Mentally... etc. etc. Anna is better in everyway possible![/quote] Maybe the drugs give her a little more strength, like popeye with the green thing.
  • [quote=angelicious]"liboom" i'm a professional photographer & i took that pic myself for specific reasons! MOON has been in the sky since the beginning. If stephenie meyer decided to name her book New moon - doesn't mean everything & everyone is following that (not that i dislike the books or anything) i just don't like K-Stoner promoting Drugs to teenage girls![/quote] Did you read the subtitle? "who would win in a fight?" that's the question, there's nothing about Kristen using drugs or not,and is her life, she can do what ever she wants.
  • I don't think that Kristen would want to punch Anna in the face, she have no reason to do that. If that was the case Kristen would transform Anna into pancakes.She might be petit, but she have something in does eyes, like fire or something...lol. She is just... I just Love Her.
  • it doesn't look that he is sad, looks like he's dying in side because of all the paparazzi and the crazy fans trying to kill him.