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  • i was trying to write the russo,s adventure,s story,s on m,y own
  • im so glad that , selena gomez is still friend,s with david henrie her co,star on her old disney channel tv show justin russo ,david henrie ,
  • i can understand it does,nt matter to any one on line internet , i know that this,s might not sound stupid or corny on this,s comment , i just love to sing to my self in my basement ,, @,selena gomez , love unknown fan ,
  • i love to say just about the past post comment ,, i made about lupus comment , i love to apologize,s for that , i did it know at all i have to be a boy friend to her just to take selena gomez lupus scare away just from selena gomez , that,s all wanted to say just about selena gomez , and her health scare of lupus away from her im so sorry that i scared fan,s on that comment , love unknown john doe
  • this,s comment is not for , the fan,s to read i know that they do,nt like me so much , i just what to make selena gomez happy right now , more than fans like,s to hate me for some reason , i might not know much about , selena gomez as much as her fans does , love will come for her one way or the other , ,love is like xmas having every once a year just for , xmas and same goes with love to they will always be ,another boy waiting for selena gomez , i do,nt know just about me , to find some one for me , i am just hoping good thought,s about , selena gomez take care selena gomez ,unknown boy
  • just when that , old fan,site was hurting my feeling,s to long , i had to try to protect my self on the fan,site , no one did it try to help me on the old fan,site of ,, selena gomez zone .com fan,site they did say to me that ,we do,nt what to know you at all , and they just close the fan,site on in my face after word,s love unknown, person
  • and my second sweet deal if they can try harder to save me on line internet , may be i will have better thing,s for them just for the little children ,i should not be talking about my child hood and my personal issue,s at all on line internet , love david
  • i love to make a better sweet deal with walt disney company just from me i will stop hating them all together if they can control over the pepole on line internet not to hate me for caring for , idea,s once in a while with selena gomez , just what i think she will do in her future with out being so bossy ,this is twice that they did it help me so much just from the old fan,site and to the hate off the fan,s on line internet ,that,s why i am hurting my self and to saying bad thing,s just about my self ,
  • i just lost my control by saying that 2 comment,s bellow im so sorry i just for got selena gomez ,left already by them holly,wood records im sorry every one , on line it will be more better if i was more of fan instead instead ,david
  • i just know from walt disney company , point off view ,selena gomez does,nt have no commit any thing with , the disney channel ,any more,