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  • One last thing that I love is that katniss is willing to put her life in danger for being the Mockingjay I love her courage and dedication. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!
  • One last thing that I love is the way katness is willing to put herself in danger just for being the Mockingjay I lobe the dedication and courage. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!
  • The books ate amazing once I picked it up I couldnt put it down. I just had me hooked and the chapters would end and I would have to just keep going. I love how unique and sifferent it is. I knlw its futuristic but it also doent have make believe characters they are real people fighting amd I also the love Effie everything about her just is amazing. The way that they made peeta go from a boy baking bread to a hunger games victor. The capitols beauty and katnisses courage. The way she is willing to breack the laws ti feed her family the way she is willing to take her sister's spot. I alao love the love triangle between gale peeta and katniss. They tries there beat to get everything into a movie but they got the main point the plot. They didnt leave very important things out. Also the way that the mom cares for the hurt and sick people the way that cinna has designed the costumes. Through it all her prep team is by her side. The waybthey do katnisses make up. I just love the hunger games
  • The tributes are another thing that I love. The way that the gamemakers could alter and change the arena and the rules as much as they want. The dresses Katness wares are gorgeous also amd the way she cares for her family
  • I love the action and the twists and turns. I also the love Katniss amd Peeta share. The way that the arenas are desognes and the wordrobes. I also love the whole thing no question about it. The way Katniss volunteers for her sister and the way she made an alliance with rue. I just love everything about the hunger games!!!!