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  • There are two distinct issues here; first, whether anyone should feel required to do nudity in film today in order to be successful, and if it's a smart decision for Blake to decide not to do it. It should be now as it always should have been, decided on a case by case basis. I can see an argument regarding certain roles where it seems appropriate and the right call, but each actor has to ultimately make their own decision and live with it. As for Blake, thus far, whether in Gossip Girl or her few film roles, she hasn't impressed me with her talent as of yet; with or without the nudity. She is a pretty woman, but first and foremost, she needs to concentrate on improving her acting skills first, her craft, before her career will advance either way.
  • She is not aging very well at only 33, Jennifer Anniston has 10 years on her and looks much better (and younger)!