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  • I think it is because she has the straps around her chest instead of around her neck, trying to avoid tan lines...I think, and since it is meant to be around the neck, it is improperly fit..
  • Someone sounds homophobic (jmarleb9)...women can give truthful positive comments about another woman...doesn't mean they are lesbian....why do all comments have to be catty....you can say something nice about others....this is why there are so many girls with bad self-esteem issues...I applaude women who can give positive critiques to other woman...that is someone who is sure of their own sexuality.
  • I am pretty sure she could have made pretty babies with anyone she chose to mate with, she is beautiful....and I don't think he is all that good looking...sorry not my cup of tea anyways.
  • He kind of looks likes Angelina's ex, Billy Bob Thorton