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  • Celebuzz has amazing giveaways, especially with makeup. I've been looking for new makeup to try and I haven't tried Lash Control yet, but my friends wear it a lot.
  • I should win because I think they'd be so cool to have and wear. I've had my ears pierced since I was 13 and now I'm 17 1/2. The shoes are really cool, the heels would make me a little bit taller. Purple is one of my favorite colors and the earrings look really pretty(:
  • I would definitely wear it in the fall and winter, it looks really cool. I like celebuzz on facebook and am a follower on twitter :) To win something like this would be amazing, I've always wanted a spirithood since celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and her younger sis Stella wear them out and about. The classrooms I'm in everyday are cold since the school never puts the heat on, especially in the winter time, so having a spirithood would make it even better at school, then I wouldn't be cold at all.