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  • Well.... My Favorite Song Is Little Things..... The Only Reason Why Its This Song Is Because... Well My Life Has Been Pretty Much Rough... Im So Lost And Confused In The World...Then One Day I Kinda Decided To Try To End The Pain.... But Then My Friend Was There And She Caught Me Right Before The Moment And Started To Play The Song "Little Things". This Song Saved My Life.. It Made Me Feel More Confident About Myself... And To Know That Im Loved By Famous Strangers.... Lol XD But Yeah.. So Its "Little Things" Because It Was Just Moments Until I Ended My Life... And Then One Direction Was Played... And Im Still Here Today... Almost As Confident About Myself... As I'll Ever Be. Thank You One Direction... Thank You So Much. I Will Always Love You Guys And Your Music.... Thank You. ♥