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  • Charlie aka Jax from SOA is perfect for the roll! He is so hot on his series and he can absolutely make a,woman's heart and other body parts swoon when he gets naked. He has the perfect facial features and the body to play this part! Lets not forget his gorgeous face and expressions. That's a whole other story
  • Beautiful father son moment, it should have stayed that way
  • Demi, you're a beautiful woman, great singer, I know it's none of my business but you look beautiful with dark hair it's very becoming with your beautiful facial features!
  • Justin, you're music is great, I know your only 19 and yes you are a man, but have your grandparents seen your behavior lately? I get what your doing, all that Money, fame, everything at your fingertips, but son just be careful sweetie, don't get burnt out too fast, you are way to talented for this to be the top of your career. I'm just a concerned and loving Mother just looking out for you
  • This girl has a style all her own, a long as she comply go for it! I wouldn't wear it, I'd want to show off the body
  • Not sure about the outfit, it's kind of hard to nose, but if I had her body, hey I say go for it!
  • Taylor looks great in what floats her boat, what do you paps where out there when taking these photos? Maybe we should have you in front of the camera?!!! Back off not just Taylor but all these beautiful people you are trying to find the littliest thing wrong with. Serioulsly?!!!!!
  • What's wrong with that comment? It's not intended to be mean, not everything Amanda says Has to have some "meaning" behind it! Back off people. You all are just making it worse for her to move on with her life
  • What's wrong with that comment? It's not intended to be mean