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  • Okay leave the baby alone. And I bet you won't say that in front of Kourtney. Kourtney is a great Mom, and btw, remember Mason wasn't so cute as a newborn but look at him now. ONE OF HOLLYWOOD'S CUTEST KID! I can't wait for Khloe to get "preggy" Big Sis Kourtney is going to advanced her sound advice. Kim however, Kayne needs to let the "K" girls do their thing and have fun like the old days without her "man" all in it.....I just hope she understand Black men become too controlling sometimes, look at Porsha and Kodell (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and I do believe most successful black men are handicapped with control when they have all the money, not all are like that, I mean look at Khloe and Omar!
  • Chris I am so proud of you! You admitted your mistake and seems humble. Look I know it ain't easy coming into all that fame and glory and still a child yourself. You and RiRi were both young and naive towards your fortune and fame, and I can see you have learned and grown (both) Good Luck and stay out of trouble..... P.S And don't give beef over $10.00 seriously, it ain't worth it, especially since the press is where your farts are release :-)!