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  • I love how his guard looks after him
  • I want Rob to be in a sci fi. I hope Berg and he work together
  • I just read some fan reviews of How To Be on IMDB. It was great to see such positive feedback on his performance.
  • How do you see all the comments under the fan page. There's 51 entries but there doesnt seem to be a page back option.
  • I like this look on him. It works well.
  • Thats gorgeous and cuddly.
  • [quote=dev]I love you celebuzz for flagging up this masterpiece of a film. Thank you.I'm a fan who has compared Rob to Depp but on reflection Rob can be so much more. I'll tell you why - because when you see Depp in film's I often feel I;ve seen the character before. There's always a hint of familiarity. Yet with Rob very character is completely different. He never repeats a performance. Everyone is fresh and different. His Toby Jugg in The Haunted Airman is so different from Daniel Gale in Bad Mothers handbook and the same can be said of Art in How to Be and Edward in Twilight. There are some areas he is like Depp. He has the same physicality of acting as Depp. Just watch Rob standing outside the door of his future girlfriends house for the first time. Masterpiece in acting. Also he has an unpredictable feel about him on screen like Depp and a wonderful comic ability like Depp. Even in Little Ashes he makes so much from the comic moments. Fans feel passionately about Rob but not bcause of his looks but his acting talent.[/quote] I agree you never get a reminder of another character when you see Rob act. Each character is hand crafted. Depp often falls back on what he's done before.
  • So you do have the image on here. In that case this is the one to use for the profile.
  • I'd rather he focus on acting too. To get to the very top in Hollywood take such dedication that its hard to fit in a musical career as well.