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  • Finally !! paul woke up !! Adienrenne treated him like sh** I watched every show and every scence with both of them there was nothing that she said or did anything positive for him and for her B-day Paul put is heart and sole to make it perfect and she complained and did'nt even eat any of the food he had prepared for her! It sadden me to see im try and she always doggered him .When they met she said he chased her and then finally gave in . Yeh because her biological clock was ticking and she wanted kids and free plastic surgery and I am sure all her machines she owens that make her look younger were free from pauls business...I think paul is the sweetest man I am single would'nt mind dating him LOL Paul is a good catch !! Nexted I hope lisa 's hubby wakes up and he leaves he is too slow to get it ?? come on Lisa only sleeps with him on birhday and christmas that aint a marriage thats a control freak and contract . I bet if lisa'a husband and their dog Jiggy?? were drowning she would save the dog ..!!! kudos to you Paul !: :) .Whats wrong with theses wifes in beverly spoiled!!I guess all the good men are in CA LOL