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  • [quote=gaga monster]u know wat? u ppl are just jealous becuz lady gaga is more famous than the other celebrities; n u will be able to understand her style if u keep on hating her![/quote] im a great fan of gaga,i love her more dan anythin but smehw i agree with dem,i dont like some of her clothes esp. dis..dats my mind,i luv her fashion so much,but dere some clothes I DONT JST LIKE,EXAMPLE DIS...#no lil monster...
  • [quote=frace]-------------considering that miley was a role model to girl in front of the camera because that is her job, ummm not really her job is to entertain people. also, this was stolen is not like she put it for everyone to see. this are her personal photos and she can't do whatever the hell she wants in her personal life, you know who you all should blame the hacker who stole her thing and put it out for everyone to see, instead of blaming miley, but people are too stupid to grasp the knowlege of stolen, i think most people like you are too stupid to understand they stole her photos, in her job miley is completely professional.[/quote] tru dat...!!!!!!!!
  • [quote=Mileysupport!!!]Ehhh Celebuzz are you KIDDING ME all of these aren't scandals like the Taylor Swift performance thing is RIDICULOUS what's scandalous about that!!! Have you HEARD Taylor at the grammy's this year or wherever it was SHE SUCKED BIG TIME sorry I honestly love Taylor and her songs but that's just the truth or Selena live? she sucks too live! seriously get over itow and btw.. I love the vid I think it's creative and yes a little over the top but who cares and she's not a Lady gaga wannabe she's doing her own thing[/quote]
  • leave her..AYLONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [quote=sassa]Miley's popularity is dropping... Good for us![/quote] no its not,its even increasin,pple evn prefer d new her...xx,luv u miley...
  • wtf.i dont see anythin wrong ...damn
  • dier ok,but d girl with glasses can change dem..