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  • Kourtney is a stunning woman in general....but is is such an absolutely glowing,beautiful, pregnant woman...she can walk around and wear a bikini through her whole pregnancy and she looks so gorgeous and I just adore her in so many ways...shes a #1 mommy, shes an awesome sister to her sissies and brother as the oldest she really does set good examples and a great role model to all of you....she's smart, down to earth,beautiful, daughter to Kris, when your father was here and to Bruce and I just adore her and her person...such a fun,loving,caring,doting,adoring mommy to Mason and she truely does love and reflect on her relationship with Scott and she makes adjustments and compromises where need be. Kudos Kourt you really are a beautiful person and I do love and watch all your fams programs and love your whole families legacies that yall are building and creating....Take good care...kisses to Mason what a gorgeous little man you created w/ Scott. Blessings,Love,Happiness,Smiles & Prayers, Desiree.
  • So this isn't Desiree, but I clicked this link in Facebook and it has me logged in as her. Sorry Desiree, I had no idea that Celebuzz could log me in as someone else.
  • I have been with my husband for 21 years since I was 19 and this year I turn 40 in October...I really like to try to keep the sexy in our relationship and do anything I can to be the same fun,loving,hot woman that he fell in love with...I truly feel that with this new fragrance that Adrianne has created with the pheromones that its going to do what I try to constantly do and keep the sexiness and spark alive in our marriage my hubby always notices when there is something new about me or on me...and I get the feeling that this being on me will make him wanna get on me....LOL. Bring on the sexy fragrance!!!
  • This cuff would be an amazing accessory to start a buzz in my trendy moms group.We all take cruises together and party together chit chat etc... were always buzzing about the newest, hottest thing that we all need to have and want to get as soon as one of us gets it. It would totally cool for once to be the first to have the new chic Cuff Couture thats a must have to doll up an outfit to go out without dragging along a clutch or handbag. I will dress up and do this Cuff justice and cant wait to see my GF's scramble to get their own...LOL.