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  • Her before and after pic really shows the weight loss. She must be quite short. 185lbs on a 5'0" person is quite dangerous actually. I watch the show, I read Caroline and husband Al both had lap band. Her mom should have fessed up when Lauren was outed. Lauren has a bad attitude. Caroline likes to praise her kids and brag that they are such hard workers. If I had the opportunities they probably have had just being on the show, I may have used it to go into a real job, not promoting black water or opening up a topless car wash. I think Lauren said that the make-up salon she opened(at her dad's business) a few years ago with a big opening closed because she never went back. Now she opens another. I hope I don't sound mean, but those Manzo kids don't seem like they are setting the world on fire. I thought I liked Caroline Manzo, but I think she is green with envy because Theresa is making a killing selling her brand. Don't get me wrong, Theresa is an opportunist, but can you blame her for going out and making as much money as she can right now? Her fame is fading. Come to think of it…..all of them are pathetic. They are so unforgiving and so hard on each other.