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  • hello sexyy!!! but i still think taylor is better! even though im team edward. jacob and edward mixed would make one hot boyfriend. =p
  • i think her hair is better long. but for the movie she looks fine. In Twilight she is supposed to look pixie like. and chill out at least he wants to make the movie!! I CANT WAIT. november seems so far away...=(
  • everyone smokes. except taylor, i hope. taylor bttr keep it that way. kristen is 18 and smokes. my sis is 18 and i cant her picture her smoking. thats said that means less movies for them when they die of cancer.( not to be rude, but the its the truth)
  • ergg i want to be in it. but im not good at making a video of me for contests. and if i did win i would probably die bcuz i would stop breathing if i saaw the real cast. =(
  • I love twilight!! i've read the books many times and i seen the movie 8 trillion times. ive never liked a book or movie more than i do now. sadly, when the movie comes out on dvd i wont be home in the morning because im going somewhere and none of the stores will be open. and i know how much other fans like the movie so it will be very diffcult to find the movie when i get back. so please please pick me. ive watched every fanmade new moon video on youtube. and before twilight came out i did the same thing. A few months ago i figured out when the dvd was going to be released and i put an alarm on my computer; everywhere, on my phone, and marked down everyday on a calendar. i really hope im able to get the dvd. everytime my friends bring it up i get very excited. ive have all the songs to the movie over and over. im constantly looking at pictures of the movie and finding quotes. i even compare twilight to my everyday life. im always trying to figure out if im like bella. ( many online quizzes show i a) yay!!! i really hope you pick me, because this may be my only chance to get it.