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  • Gorgeous woman, but I ask? His talent is only to make RITUALS ... Orgasmic ... Or I hope to success as a singer?
  • As a singer blockbuster ... but in my humble opinion .. Physical beauty .. Note 5
  • "Gwendolyne" Romance that will produce a movie .. Olsen sisters would be perfect for the characters to life .. www.dlaus.com
  • Belissimas, Talented, born to shine, too bad that the world of Fame, is terrible for those who are not prepared to live in two worlds.
  • Where is the true feminine beauty .. Silicone with this, one can pose the Mighty .. but as it and the Natural? More women are not as old .. we live in this world .. everything is false and passenger.
  • Scarlet, impossible not get hypnotized by so much beauty for a little remarkable that .. mouth, eyes .. body .. but the better it is your talent, this would be unfair not to be a beautiful Blonde Star of Hollywood, as we know that everything in Hollywood, has its price ..
  • A genius who knew cultivate friendship with controversial stars, and make it a super job in providing the legal Celebuzz where mere mortals, can for a few minutes, to live in a world of Fashion and Dreams. Comedy, Drama, scandal, disillusionment. Happy Perez .. You created a spectacle.
  • Beautiful girl, who in recent years, has won fans around the world now that has grown, this wanting to win what? Will it be a big star with no sense of life.
  • when little girl in films, yes .. saw talent, but I thought that when they grow, they would be ugly ... and wow .. beautifull .. ... but the talent was and where?
  • a little remarkable, lost in his world of contradictions, wanting to prove what does not, because it is beautiful and talented.