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  • I was disappointed by the repeat of songs last night! I would have prefered them cutting the show to one hour instead. But, I still enjoyed all three of the finalists and think they're all good enough to win. Michelle had my votes though - I agree that her & Usher together is awesome. And Baby Swon - ha!! Loved reading your recaps all season.
  • I'm with you on Michelle. If she doesn't make it to the top 3 tonight, I'll be throwing a big fit!! Amber is my second favorite. I thought her version of "Sad" was incredible. I'd be okay with Danielle going home, but I think America is going to save her until she is number one. Worried about Sasha (she's my 3rd favorite). Loved reading your write-up as always! You always add the right amount of humor!
  • Yes!! Thank you for mentioning the over re-using of songs! It's not only getting old, but also not fair to former contestants who performed them. I'm curious to see who's going home tonight because everyone did a great job last night. I think that Judith, Amber, Danielle, Michelle, Sasha and Sarah will make it.
  • I was laughing when they put the wind machine on Amber, but I thought she was great! All of Team Adam, Michelle & Sasha are the best this season - they all have something unique about them. Blake's Danielle may win it this year though because she has a great voice & she's young & blonde & country.
  • Am I the only one who thought it was too much that they kept talking about the heat every 2 minutes Monday night? ha!! Although... I'm not opposed to Usher taking his shirt off. Sarah SImmons & Judith Hill were my favorites this week.
  • Really hoping my favorites make it through tonight. Rooting for Judith, Amber, Michelle & Sasha!! The girls are definitely the strongest this season.
  • I am so sad about Midas Whale & Luke. Vedo & Sarah are my favorites going into the live playoffs. Can't wait for next week!
  • I was so bummed that they didn't show Michelle Chamuel's battle, but glad she won. And I think Superman (aka Sarah Simmons) is my new favorite!
  • Judith & Karina's battle was so incredible!!!! Shakira is in the competition now! & when Blake stole Tayor... I was asking for the tissues. It was so sweet.
  • Ok, you are now officially one of my favorite Voice bloggers. So on-point! I feel the same way about under age girls wearing clothes that make them look older - it is uncomfortable. The new coaches are so good this year, but I will always be Team Adam....for his "sexy come hither stares." LOL