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  • my daughter is in love with JB and I just know when I show her this she is going to be mortified! That looks awful and nothing like him what terrible work!
  • Not going to leave some long comment on why I want to win..This is my entry
  • I personally think Ashlee is a pretty girl, she is disrespectful to her parents and seems to be a lost soul. However I am very proud of her for admitting her mistakes and moving forward in her life. If you have children you know how difficult it can be to connect with them as they always want to rebel and feel you are always wrong and trying to control them.The girl is only 20 and still trying to figure life out. Nasty comments behind a computer screen only shows YOUR immaturity. Good luck Ashlee in all that you do just always remember your parents are the ones who will always be there for you and love you unconditionally.