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  • Um, 'BritneyJean' Is An Non Promoted Album. Everyone Knows If Britney Was Out There, Performing Everywhere , Being On Every Damn Talk Show ... Like The Rest Of These Girls .. It Would Be A Wrap... Her Vegas Show Is Doing Spectacular, she is BANKING. Album sales are not where the money is anymore and she's already sold a LEGENDARY amount of albums, she doesn't have mediocre overall album sales like Beyonce, Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry ETC. A Flop She Is Not And Will Never Be. Try It With Britney When She Goes In Supporting Her Album Like She Actually Should And Then She Does Poorly, That Will NEVER Happen. Now Continue To Sip Your Haterade.. Peasants.
  • Talent is SUBJECTIVE, Numbers are FACTS . Let's never forget that, hunties. Britney > BeYAWNCE , Britney's Album Sales > BeYAWNce's, Britney's Album Sales > BeYAWNce + Destiny's Child Combined, yes, look it up.
  • BeYAWNce is a joke. Her and her mediocre overall album sales prove that day in and day out. When will she sell more albums than Taylor Swift? Let alone her lord and savior Britney?