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  • This dress is absolutely beautiful. Blake looks fantastic!
  • My favorite piece of jewelry is definitely my Pandora bracelet which was given to me by my father. It goes with everything so I wear it every day! I also loooooove bangles. My arm feels kinda bare without them XD
  • I think all of them could be mixed and matched. It definitely depends on the season, the style, and the outfit. This season I'd definitely pair the dark pink ones with the lighter pink ones (I'd call them cream) for a great Vintage Romantic look.
  • I love bikinis. My favorites are the kind where the bottom has ruffles on it. I've got like three of those! I also love them in really bright colors or classic patterns. They're always eye catching.
  • I definitely take Darren Criss. Not only is he so fun and seems like a really great guy...perhaps even chivalrous, but maybe I could get a song out of him. He'll serenade me after the show! And he's incredibly talented. It'd be an honor to take him :D
  • Love the bag! I'd definitely use it to carry around everything I need (and never have the room for). Of course, the essentials...wallet and phone. Then, I could take a book (or a script, depending on the day), a few makeup essentials, gum, a water bottle (because we all need to be hydrated), and a journal with pens and pencils for those little bouts of creativity.