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  • Me, too! I'll be recapping again, right here at Celebuzz. Stay tuned!
  • Oh wow. This was a dangerous experiment. After being on air for a few years, the show knows what it is and the audience it is speaking to. Someone who just flips it on now is not going to "get it" immediately. As evidenced here. Also, the screener for season four did not contain two consecutive episodes, which can cause further confusion to someone who doesn't understand the character dynamics. Amanda, you are an extremely good sport. I am happy to lend you the season one DVD so you can see how these characters came to be the very specific people they are now. I feel confident you will love it.
  • I agree. On paper, these two episodes sounded like they could be one-offs, but the fact that they blended so seamlessly together proves they're thinking about the big picture all the way through this season, which hasn't always been the case in years past. Good point about Cas and Kevin, too. I know we'll see Kevin next week, but I'm worried about him!
  • I think that's a good point. If John grew up without his dad, he probably wouldn't be thinking of including him when he talked about his "family."
  • Well, The CW hasn't officially made a decision on season nine at all yet, but honestly, I don't know that we should assume the tablet story would wrap up at the end of eight. I have my own theory, but Jeremy Carver has said he fleshed out a two season arc when he took the showrunner title.
  • Thank you. I love the show and am thrilled to write about it here at Celebuzz. I just hope you guys like the rest of what Singer had to say during our Q&A. A couple more posts coming soon...
  • Just wanted to add that I love the last line of your comment; it's so true. Perfectly sums up the show.
  • YES! I totally agree with you there. In my recaps, I kept reading into things, saying maybe Sam's memories of Amelia were that kind of rosy hindsight you only get after someone is gone from your life and you're pining for them to be back in-- anything to give the story more weight than what I felt the show was delivering. But I think that's because the bottom line was Amelia truly represented a normal life (until Don came back from the fake dead), and let's be honest, normal life on TV, especially when compared to fighting demons, is kind of dull. I like that she's still out in the world representing what Sam can have after the fighting is all over, but I fear the only way to tie her further in is for Crowley to realize what she means to Sam and to hurt her/use her to lure in Sam as demons did previously with Dean and Lisa.
  • I totally understand your concerns about the loner comment, but the show *has* delivered eight seasons with only two main characters, and a handful of supporting/recurring, and everyone seems to agree it works. Bob wasn't saying there will be no other people in Sam and Dean's life; in fact, by confirming the return of Charlie and Benny, he was saying the opposite. The show is just centered on Sam and Dean, always has been, always will be, and the others come and go. I agree that Bobby, Ellen, and Jo were all absolutely family to the boys, but even they weren't sacred enough not to be killed off. It sounds harsh, absolutely, but that's always been what's so unique about the Winchesters: they lose a lot of loved ones along the way but still go on fighting together. It's not about pushing people away; it's just the nature of their lifestyle. I'm not trying to imply Benny or Charlie or anyone else currently in their lives (Cas, Garth, etc) won't survive the season, though. Sometimes "coming and going" just means a person is in the Winchesters' lives but not physically present on their case of the week or in most of the episodes. These boys have ties to other people; they're just not around all the time. We've seen them call Garth for help (in the past, we saw them call Bobby), so even if they're not in episodes, they're still a part of their lives. This post was to confirm who would be returning in actual episodes, though.