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  • Hello,I am testing the ''Discuss''Section.
  • NO AVAIL: ''In 1908,a man looking weirdly to the consulting room of Dr.James Hamilton in Manchester.The doctor seeing the expression on the man's face asked: -Are you sick? -Yes doctor,I have a complaint that,I can never recover. -What kind of complaint is that? Everthing around me scares me.The life doesnt mean anything to me.I lost my desire to live.If you dont help me.I will kill myself. -You dont have a sickness.You just have to put aside these thoughts and look for having fun.For example,tonight you can go to circus and watch Grimaldi. -It is no avail.Because,I am Grimaldi. ''
  • Hello,now,I am testing the ''Discuss''Section.
  • Dear the Celebuzz Group, After this,I will write my texts,in this Division(which is:''Welcome to the Brand New Celebuzz'').I am with you,now.Just now,this Link is mine,in the Google,in the Internet.3 days ago ,I gave a wrong information to you for the Internet Law(in Turkey).Yesterday,the Internet Law accepted in the Turkish Parliament.If the Internet Law come into force,soon,in Turkey;nobody will not be able to remove this my Link-Welcome to the Brand New Celebuzz-this Division,(in Turkey),in the Internet.Thank you very much.You are GREAT. With my best wishes-Ebru
  • Hello,I am testing this ''Discuss''Section.
  • Dear the Celebuzz Group, Yesterday,I wrote my first text to you.Today ,my text disappeared,in this Division.I am writing you,my text again now.I hope, you can see and read my text.My text doesnt disappeared this time,in this Division. When is more important than King? There was a strange tradition in a Country.When a common person from the Society died,the Church bell was used to be rung twice.If the person who died was a nobleman ,the Church bell was rang three times and if the King died,the bell was rang four times.One day,a Court where the entire Society consult to demand justice sentenced a citizen unjustly.And that day the Church bell was rang five times.The Society went to the Priest of the Church curiously to ask:''Mighty Priest,today,the bell was rang five times.Is there anyone more important than the King?The priest answered:''Yes,there is something more important than King.Today justice died.''-Ebru
  • Dear the Celebuzz Group, The story,which I wrote to you,yesterday.Today,my story is erased,in this Division,in your Celebuzz System.When I wrote this my story ,to ''Discuss'' Section and then when I clicked ''Submit''button,I have seen my story,in my screen,yesterday.But today,my story disappeared,in this Division,in my screen.Please can you correct this fault,in your Celebuzz System?If this situation continues,in your System,nobody cannot read my texts.Thank you-Ebru
  • Hello,I am testing the ''Discuss''Section,in your System.
  • Dear the Celebuzz Group, I would like to ask something from you.You know that,I am the member of the Celebuzz since 2009.Are you renewing your Celebuzz Web Site and the Web Sites of your members? Thank you very much. With my best wishes-Ebru