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  • such a perfume maniac! i love having different perfumes! i love when people complement me and always ask what perfume im wearing! my husband always loves when i wear perfume because he says he likes the girly/feminine side it brings of me, and with all the perfume i wear i think this would be perfect for me for a refill!!
  • after having a baby in May, my hair is so limp, dry and lifeless, this would definetly save my hair and get it to its before pregnany state! i like the fact that its seems to be a natural product to use, natural is the way to go for me!
  • i think that if i would personalize mine to say "E&A", E for my husband, his name is Edwin and my middle name is estefany. and the A would be for my beautiful babygirl Alysun.
  • best jlo song is On the Floor with pitbull. i think that was just her comeback song. she was never really gone, but this just proves that wow, she still got it!
  • just like every woman should, i never leave my house without my wedding band!! be awesome if i could win!! not to be a debbie downer but its funny how i can NEVER win a giveaway lol..
  • i just think my husband deserves this because hes been such a great person and such a great role-model to my daughter and i. we've gone through a lot just to get to this point in life , hes the most selfless person and always gives in gives and for once i want him to have. this might be something small but it'd be lovely if he had the opportunity to win. thanks!!
  • by the way, i dont want anyone to think im taking anyones design, this shirt was plain when i found it online, i just used it as a template, i found it on forever21.com here is the link to that shirt. the design i made myself. really hope i win!! everyone vote for mine please!! http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=top_basic&ProductID=2000023535&VariantID= [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/08/00023535-ffff-328_400.jpg[/img]
  • [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/04/00023535-05-1-328_400.jpg[/img] i loVe the whole concept of every lady being a queen