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  • The GYM where I work out has music on the Cable, and I have recently been listening to Classic Country and Western, and Classic Popular Music from the 50’s while I work out, and have came to the conclusion that much can be learned about our society by comparing the music of the 50’s, to evil chanting that is now called “music”. The 50’s music is almost exclusively about love, beauty, patriotism and hope. It does not refer to women as Ho’s, does not advocate killing “pigs”, does not use profanity, or any of the other evil filth that comes out of the modern so-called “music”. It is almost as though the Devil has taken over this country, and when we are in chains because we followed him, he is going to sit back and have a good laugh, and say “That’s what they get for believing me”.
  • Sounds like something a wannabe dictator would do. Just wait until he eleminates term limits for the presidency, then you will know we are really in trouble.