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  • I hope he had a great time what is Kristen that hevy
  • They are so good I dont know who they will play
  • peoplejust need to stop being so rude and just go along with it ok
  • I hope he Is right though or else we wouldnt feel the pain of their seperation and when he comes back it would be like seeing the sun for the first time
  • I am screming inside this is crazy news!!!!
  • I am soo totally the biggest fan I have not read another book since I started reading twilight sage. all my frinds think i am going crazy I only talk about the books my mom thougt I had some problems at first. then I got my little sister into It and all her friends tell her not to end up like me! I take that as a complement. One time i when to a baby shower and my mom sayed I wasent alowed to read there I when and got the book out of the car and read it under a tree then one of my aunts can by and told me how she lved that book and we started taking about it I think I have read all the book at lest 43 time every hoight I am reading I read it on the way to school to cheer practice my choch even got mad at me becuse i was just reading on braks. I have even started counting down till they start filiming new moon!eeee my wallpaper is twilight I even have a gift card from wallmart that has edward and bella on it I still have my movie tickets. one time my sisters friend called me I didnt even Know how she got my number an d she asked me how was midnight sun and can I tell her about it because she wasnt alowed to go on the internet so we were on the computer for an hour readon it to her. I've read all the taken out parts of the books and an on stephaniemayers.com most of the time i was watching TV live a week ago and went all crazy because the comecal for the dvd came on I have watched every clip on the twilight sage. Ihave been saving my money for the charm braclet that jacob gave her in the 4th book you. can quizz me on any thing about everything in the book and ill get it all right.I love all the characters in the movie.on november 20th i waited 7 hours in line to get a good set. i bought the tikets 3 weeks earlier. everytime i hear someone say a name like jasper alice rosalie i atoaticly think of the book.i have close to every magazien that twilight is in. I also have both of the film fantast life stroys the twilight and twilight tribute.I also have many twilight shirts like "I run with the vampiers and twilightaholic. I do consider myself a twilightaholic!!!!!