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  • i Would wear it with high heels and leather pants!it would keep me really warm on the long and cold winter days in London!I would look so cute with ears!i want to win this sooo bad!
  • my fave Jennifer song is ''Jenny from the block'' because it tells her life story and it shows that it is possible to achieve success when you come from nothing if you are a hard worker and dedicated to what you're doing without obliterating your roots and your up bringing.Why I should win?Because i absolutely love sneakers and this pair would look exceptionally cute on me!
  • my hair absolutely needs the products like i need air to survive!I have to flat iron it because otherwise it looks like crap and i dye it blonde because i love the color,so i am in desperate need of a really good care regimen.It has been a life long dream of mine to have long hair but i never could really grow it out...I really think these products would help me a lot!So, please Celebuzz, i could use a little help!
  • I would love to win because i would wear my necklace all the time and use the gift card to buy 4 more necklaces and give them to my loved ones so that we all can spread the word about the charity and the necklace and how special it is. that way it can reach as many people as possible.5 people touch more people than 1. I wish i could do something for every child who needs help :(
  • Angelina Jolie inspires me because she teaches us to give back to the less fortunate despite the social status,and do everything in our power to better the lives of people who are truly unfortunate.she taught me about family values and how important it is to take care of the world's children along with our own,how to rise and speak up when discrimination and bigotry are swallowing our society and how to demand equality.She is so strong and has such a good and kind heart!
  • My favoorite show is true blood because it has everything: sex,gore, mystery,hot guys and gals and it keeps me on the edge of my seat every single time!you can never ever guess what it's going to happen next and it is always shocking!
  • my best beauty secret..hmmmm!I use water and sea salt water as a replacement to toner and it really does keep the pimples away!and also...I moisturize my eye area with olive oil...it is really good and all natural!
  • I would wear this to class and work!the burgundy color goes along pretty well with my eyes and hair and it would be a fabulous addition to my autumn wardrobe!and it is perfect for movie nights!I would pair it with some mildly ripped jeans and converses and a cute little top!
  • up their what?:)) u mean there?well that's a totally different thing;)