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  • Wow, taken in the wrong way much?! Kim's 32 now, wanting to settle down and also branch out, we can say what we like but she's hard working and doesn't want to be a reality star all her career. Why do you think we see her everywhere if she doesn't work hard?! Its obviously a demanding 'celebrity life'. she's got so many places she visits so many meetings involving everything she has her name on, 99.9% of us couldn't stick it out as hard or as long as she has... Give her some credit... And the fact is, it's sad she's always said family is very important, just a shame to let it all go faster than how much she's built it up.. But she's in control of her own life, and no matter what we say good or bad doesn't determine her actions whatsoever. Love her or hate her, she's gonna be here for a long time. :)