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  • Is the phone giving her lines or is that part of the role? Either way it was pretty bad!
  • Her family must be proud. I really hate speaking negatively about people in general but it s pretty obvious from these photos alone that she is obsessed with attention. I have no problem with skimpy clothes, bleach blonde hair, stripper heals, etc. in fact, I've been known to sport all of those items in my past but goodness, she takes it to a whole new level.
  • So, I have yet to finish watching this but I do have to say this one thing. Unless the host was joking with her favorites which I don't believe she was, then she completely changed her mind when Dani, the lady in black, said she disliked JLo's dress. She ended up saying that she also didn't like it right after she had put it on her 3 favorites. It just shows me that she was either unprepared or just doesn't know very much about fashion and is just following what the others are saying. They definitely need a different host and I'm sure there are many young women out there that do know about fashion and will stick to their opinions even when 'experts' disagree. That just really bothered me.
  • Am I the only one who noticed that they have on the same top? It's very cute but I'd hate to show up at a party such as that and be wearing the same clothing as someone else. Either way though Kim looks amazing as always :)
  • Did Rachel Bilson and Christina Augulera(probably spelled her name wrong) say the exact same thing or is that a typo? I'm assuming the second option.
  • Obviously this is an absolutely beautiful house and I am very happy for them to be starting a family. I just, if I I was spending $11 million on a house, would have a little more originality. Every house in their neighborhood seems to look identical. That's just not my personal style but to each his/her own.