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  • there have been no comments on the past few pictures from you CC so i was hoping you had actually listened to us other commenters but i now realize that youvare even worse now!!!
  • im surprised that CC hasnt commented on this pick............ Lovin the fairy outfit btw! Absolute cutie-pie! <3
  • i think L R means that Mason looks much more like a Kardashian than a Disick.
  • awwwwwwwww! i could just eat him up!
  • haha i just noticed that levi was eating the same ice cream in a different photo! XD
  • i wonder if your ass ever gets jealous of your mouth because all your shit comes out of your mouth.
  • yo mamma so bitchy she bashes on little kids! oh,wait……….that’s you,isn’t it??
  • yo mamma so bitchy she bashes on little kids! oh,wait..........that's you,isn't it??
  • Look CC, just because you are a complete alien, doesn't mean you can pick on the beautiful children of us earthlings.
  • who the hell do u think you are,going around saying little kids are ugly? Nobody's perfect,and,most of the time,children grow into the family looks! So,ummm.....SHUT IT!