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  • This is a REALLY! good week for all the twilighters! the breakup scene is sooo hard to watch! catched some tears running down my face. it's really heart-breaking! I'm sure there will be some tears in theatres November 20!
  • I've to go with Rob. He's just better. in every categorie. He is hotter, faster and cuter. Chuck is a Legend, but Rob is just ... Rob. :)
  • He's jealous obviously. I mean, who wouldtn be? just take a look at Rob!
  • Sure Banderas is a bit old, but I LOVED him in 'interview With The Vampire' and I think he looks stunnin' in this one. I really cant wait for the first trailers I'm so excited! And I'm sure with a little make-over Blake Lively wouldnt look that innocent anymore :D Appearances are deceiving :]
  • I think some of them are amazing. But i still wish they'd chosen Antonio Banderas as Aro that would be an amazing choice! And i'd chosen Blake Lively as Heidi. That would TOTALLY fit. I'm still wondering about Leah Clearwater. Hasnt she been casted for New Moon yet?
  • Sheen is a good chioce but def. not the best. I'm pretty sure he'll do a good job, but I'd love to see Antonio Banderas as Aro :3
  • TWILIGHT FOR SURE! Noone could be compared with Rob :)
  • Damn Kellan Lutz is pretty handsome But RPattz is even hotter. I love his hair. I'd love to meet him :/
  • I am the BIGGEST TWILIGHT FAN EVER because I'm not a typical fan. I'm not one of those fans who are able to tell you that they've read all the books within a week or visited the set or stuff like that. I had to wait for Breaking Dawn untill February 14 2009! Living in germany sometimes sucks. But that made my Valentine's Day perfect. Why I am a Twilight-Super Fan?Because my 'Twilight' Story is a bit different. Everybody was talking about Twilight, the movie coming out January 15, so i decided to went to the next book.shop and order it. It was January 14 as i got it and I just start reading it. But i got it! As well i think I'm a biiiig fan, because I really adore the story Stephenie Meyer wrote and I'm totally in it. From the first page i read, there was a spell. This guy, Edward seems to be the perfect guy. He embodies the perfection of a man. He's lovable, cute and totally amazing! You know what i mean i do not need to discribe. As well, we all are jealous of Bella arent we? I loove the movie, I'm sure i saw it at least about 10 times! In Germany, the DVD will be released in June i was told, so thats a loong time to wait. And just like every other girl on this holy planet, I think RPattz is freaking hot :) So I'm sure I can be a biggest fan though!