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  • Read your sources and get back to me.
  • This is the best one i seen by far. Great work !
  • Thats a nice job with the effects but boy is it sure hard to look at !
  • You can definently see the hurt in her eyes. I don't understand how someone that used to be soooo bubbly can change into this monster with so much hard core emotion.
  • [quote=Shrgtt]Are you kidding?.... LOW CLASS - These people are discusting... I don't even understand how they get paid to appear in clubs...!! :O[/quote] Its not if they have low class or not its about that now we are warned by what we see on t.v. never make friends with a jersey person.
  • I think she wanted to be in the "lime light" so bad that when she got there she didn't know exactly what and what not to do and fell in the wrong path.
  • I love that she has changed her appearance but how could you break up with the fantastic 8?
  • So go to and tell me if im wrong. I permit to my sources.
  • That was TERRIBLE what happened to her but i'm glad she is famous for it now.
  • Do not like her too much. She used to be my idol until i read that she worships the devil. UGH. What happens next, Ashton deletes his twitter ?