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  • Everyone's "bump" starts showing at different times. I have a 2 year old, and mine didn't show until I was 6 months. Every pregnant women is different.
  • ummm not everyone looks like that pregnant. I have a 2 yr old and definitely did not come CLOSE to that size while pregnant. But everyone's body is different, and she is a fitness guru who i'm sure will get back to shape in no time.
  • Who says she doesn't eat hamburgers? LOL! Just because a girl is in shape doesn't mean she doesn't eat fast food. And some of us enjoying having abs rather then flab. I like to eat my burgers and go to the gym! Now I don't like "manly" looking abs, I like ab definition, but suitable for a women's body.
  • No, what's pathetic is females such as yourself saying disrespectful things towards a beautiful woman. 1. She is pale because models aren't supposed to be out in the sun too much as it damages their skin, and she obviously has to follow that rule as she is a supermodel. 2. She is a SUPERMODEL so if that's "pathetic" to you, I wonder what you look like. 3. Not every women has voluptuous curves, so just stop. Some of us are naturally skinny, and OMG we enjoy being thin?!! 4. After having multiple kids she looks better then most 18 year olds.