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  • dude, get serious nd settle down or come to nigeria west africa nd adopt a got pretty, beautiful , sexy girls down here. think about it . ha ha ha just joking. try kim kardashian put she is pretty, nd look homely. forget d fact dat there is some one on board. be a man nd give it a try. i know kris jenner wil be happy.
  • dont love been single too much, a real woman should ve a man by her side becos god or bad we need dem. girl u ill find ur own man soon or advice let the 60% of the love come from him.nd try to put him first sometimes, give him all d care nd attention he needs.for example kendra is blessd wit a good nd gorgeous man dats loves nd respect her so much, she isnt as pretty as u . she is very verty happy . dats wat every woman pray for. joy, peace, love, care, nd harmony.
  • kendra be thankful to god for the bunddle of joy he release to u at the same period of time. i wish to ve some one like hank for husband. pls grab ur boo tight ,he is one in a million.he loves nd respect u so much. always pray to god nt to allow any demon come into ur happy home. !!!!! holy ghost fire wil burn ur haters.
  • he look like a confirm igbo boy from ***.
  • [quote=twilightobsessed]i honestly don't get what's so hot about guys who wear make-up. it totally kill the manly factor .... i personally love MANLY men, like Robbie Pattz.[/quote] i agree with u, i hate dem wit passion. they disgust me. forrrrrk all of them.
  • i hate guys wit passion,adam lambert disgust me.he look like a gorgeous monkey.
  • yo dats wat i m taken about;;;;;; he look gorgeous.
  • the makeup is warkkkkkkkky.
  • she is insane, she wont sit down,norrrrrrr she deer not sit down. wat a she is a gorgeous monkey.
  • hey right, he looks like dat man in dis film " the gods must be crasy'' but i love his ascent.